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Thyroid Awareness week 20.-26.10.2018
Thyroid Awareness Week is held to raise awareness of thyroid disease. Thyroid disorders are relatively rare in infants and children. Nevertheless, being[...]
Welcome to Liam
We are excited to welcome our newest team member Liam. Liam has over 16 years experience taking bloods and examining patients[...]
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"From Friday (6 April 2018), millions of children across the UK will benefit from the government’s key milestone in tackling[...]
What a Bonfire does to your Lungs
Setting large piles of stuff aflame can have significant environmental and human health impacts Open burning of any kind is[...]
Low magnesium associated with coronary artery calcification
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Could Cataracts be reversed?
There is a growing population of aging patients suffering from cataracts and many are unaware of a simple solution that[...]