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Special interest in Thyroid Health and Functional Medicine

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John Millar

John has been studying Qigong and healing practices for over 20 years and offers one to one and small group sessions through Country Health.

Qigong can be used for a wide range of conditions and ailments, and John brings extensive knowledge and experience of treating conditions such as anxiety and stress related illness, chronic fatigue and chronic pain. His work is simple, accessible and fun and gets you back in control of your own health.

Initially introduced to Qigong in 1997 while studying Reiki, John has studied with some of the most highly respected teachers in Europe and China. He has qualified to teach in 4 different schools of Qigong, but since 2010 has devoted his personal practice and teaching the form known as Zhineng Qigong as he finds this the most effective form for healing and personal development.

Since 2010, John’s work has continued to evolve and he continues to enjoy working with a diverse range of organisations in the UK, mainland Europe and the Middle East including Age UK and Regents University, The Environment Agency, Fusion for Energy and BAE systems.

He is qualified as a teacher in four different systems of Qigong and his focus on the Zhineng Qigong system resulted in him representing the UK at the International Zhineng Qigong Teachers’ Conference in China in 2013. In addition, his on-going commitment to professional, accessible and safe practice has been instrumental in the establishment of the Three Monkeys School of Qigong which trains Qigong teachers using the best of Western and Eastern practices in conjunction with established and well-respected Qigong Centres in China.

QiGong session – 1 hour – £ 67


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