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Nature-Thyroid Tablets

Synthetic T4 thyroid hormone called Levothyroxine is not the best treatment for everyone. Some people benefit from it, but in some cases the symptoms don’t seem to go away using only T4, even if their tests return to normal.

A Functional Medicine practitioner knows is that no one treatment works for everyone. A combination of experience, testing, and trial and error becomes necessary to get any treatment just right.

We have discovered that the majority of our patients benefit from a combination hormone treatment including both T4 and T3. Levothyroxine is just T4, the inactive hormone. Most doctors assume that the body will convert it to T3 and all will be well.

Unfortunately, pesticides, stress, mercury, infections, allergies, and selenium deficiencies can block that process. Since 100 percent of us have pesticides stored in our bodies, we will all likely have some problem with Levothyroxine.

Nature-Thyroid is a prescription drug made from desiccated (dried) porcine thyroid. It contains the full spectrum of thyroid hormones, including T4, T3, and T2 . That last one – T2 – is a little-known product of thyroid metabolism that actually may be very important.

We send our prescriptions directly to Pharma-e Limited (trading as Healthxchange) in Guernsey. They deliver directly to our patients.  ​

Prices fluctuate but you can expect to pay around 30-40 pence per tablet, plus delivery cost.​

Careful monitoring is essential. Taking too much thyroid hormone or taking it if you don’t need it can lead to undesirable side effects, including anxiety, insomnia, palpitations, and, over the long term, bone loss.

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