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DI02 Genetic SNP Test




Effects of thyroid hormones are determined by many factors beyond their serum levels. These effects are difficult to examine by traditional techniques, but a novel approach that exploits the existence of common genetic variants has yielded new and surprising insights. Studies have shown that thyroid hormones and iodine deficiency contribute to osteoarthritis, hypertension, IQ, psychological well-being and response to T(3) or T(4) treatment.


Intriguingly, most of these associations are independent of serum thyroid hormone levels, which highlights the importance of local regulation of thyroid hormones in tissues.


Studies suggest that a commonly inherited variation in the DIO2 gene is associated both with impaired baseline psychological well-being on T(4) and enhanced response to combination T(4)/T(3) therapy, but did not affect serum thyroid hormone levels.


This simple buccal swab genetic test evaluates a polymorphism related to the DI02 gene.


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