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Genetic Weight Management


When it comes to losing weight and keeping it off for a healthy lifestyle, every person is different. The Kashi Health Weight Management Genetic Panel allows our clients to receive a personalised weight loss program including preferred food ratios, exercise recommendations, and lifestyle recommendations tailored to their own genetic makeup.


The Kashi Health Weight Management Genetic Panel uses the latest findings in scientific research to inform patients about how their specific genes influence their bodyweight, and perhaps more importantly, which types of weight management strategies are the most likely to be effective considering their specific genetic background. The Kashi Health Weight Management Genetic Panel addresses the obstacles of weight loss through personalised dietary, physical activity and lifestyle recommendations.


Ideal Candidates are Patients with the Following Symptoms and Complaints:

  • Poor Results From Prior Dietary Changes
  • Frequent Cravings and Over-eating
  • Sedentary Lifestyle
  • Persistent Weight Gain
  • High BMI (>25)
  • Weight Gain In The Stomach, Hips And Thighs


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Genetic Markers Included in the Weight Management Panel

FTO Appetite Regulation, Calorie Intake, Frequent Cravings
MC4R Appetite Regulation, Carbohydrate Digestion, Metabolism Regulation, Insulin Regulation
FABP2 Dietary Fat Sources, Fat Utilization, Metabolism Regulation, Insulin Regulation
ADRB2 Physical Activity, Carbohydrate Digestion, Insulin Regulation
SH2B1 Leptin Production, Carbohydrate Cravings, Insulin Regulation


We will send you the test kit with 3 buccal swabs. You need to send it back to Invivo Clinical via guaranteed 1 pm next day delivery at your own cost. The results come back to us and we will post them into your patient portal.

If you like to discuss the results we can do this in a separate consultation with Dr Frey.