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Food Intolerance Testing

Our individual genetic differences mean that certain foods work well for one person but not another and other foods, even usually healthy options, can cause upset.

It can take anywhere from hours to days before food intolerance reactions show symptoms; therefore, they often remain unrecognised for years and are not detected with conventional allergy testing.

Partially-digested food can damage the digestive system, which contains about 70% of the body’s immune system.

Food intolerances should not be confused with food allergies in the traditional sense. They are type III IgG allergies which, typically, do not present until hours or even days after the offending food has been eaten.

Health Problems that can be caused by Food Intolerances

Many chronic diseases originate from a process called chronic inflammation. If you suffer from any of the following conditions, you might benefit from a food intolerance test to see, which foods suit you, and which can potentially cause inflammation.

Be aware that there are “cheap” food intolerance tests on the market. Unfortunately they are often not reliable, and not a good investment. You want to have a test that has been tried, tested and proven for many years.

We offer three different tests: