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Health Screening

We want You to Stay Well!

A Health Screening can give you reassurance that you are in ‘good shape’ or highlight symptoms before they turn into problems.

The two most important risk factors for early death are cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Our carefully selected tests identify your risk factors and show you how to minimise future risks. If necessary we can help you back on track or show you how to keep in excellent health.

General Health Checks

Health MOT

Our health care assistant will give you a Health MOT. You can create your own personal health screening by adding additional tests as you wish.


Comprehensive Executive Health Check

Our health assessment is more thorough than what our competitors offer – and we offer better value for your hard earned money.

Comprehensive Heart Disease Risk Assessment

In-depth Blood Analysis

Highly sophisticated blood tests can assess your current heart disease risk, including the innovative PLAC test.

Genetic Finger Print

This buccal swab reveals your genetic finger print and highlights your genetic risk for heart disease.

Diabetes Risk Assessment

Certain risk factors are linked to the development of type 2 diabetes. If your body mass index (BMI) is over 35, your waist is over 102 cm wide, you have abnormal cholesterol levels or have a family history of diabetes, you should check your personal risk - as many people have pre-diabetes or even diabetes and don't know it. 

Bowel Cancer Screening

The ScheBo® • M2-PK Quick™ stool test is an easy, economical screening test for colorectal polyps and cancers, acute and chronic inflammatory bowel disease and other diseases of the digestive tract. It is not affected by any foods, so no dietary restrictions are necessary before taking the stool sample. Results are available within a couple of hours.

You can add other tests to individualise your health screening. If you cannot find a test in our menu, please contact us as we might well be able to make this available for you.