Private GP & Complementary Therapies.
Special interest in Thyroid Health and Functional Medicine

Opening Hours : MON, TUE, THU, FRI: 9:00-12:00 & 13:00-16:00 WED: 9:00-12:00
  Contact : Tel: 01473 218 373 or 01449 833 833 - email:

Private GP Practice

Unfortunately, we cannot offer A&E services.
In an emergency please always dial 999!

As our private patient you will enjoy a bespoke service to help you to get well and stay well. Our aim is to find root causes of your problems, not just to patch up symptoms.

Dr Oliver Frey is our lead GP. He has been studying and practising medicine for over 30 years. 

You can expect unrushed, friendly consultations and appointments at times that suit you. We will not limit you to one problem per consultation - you simply book as much time as you feel is needed to discuss your health problems, from 15 minutes to one full hour.

During your consultation we will establish the necessary actions to investigate your health problems – or to find out what you need to do to stay well. This includes taking your detailed medical history and if necessary a physical examination, followed by an action plan.

Similar to your NHS GP we can deal with minor illness problems, review your medication, arrange prescriptions (no controlled drugs or contraceptives), and referrals to specialists. We cannot offer NHS prescriptions or referrals.

In our in-house treatment room we can take blood samples for an extensive test panel (far more than the NHS) and perform ECGs (heart traces).

We kindly ask that every patient has a Registration Health Check to ensure that we can deliver a high quality service to you. This includes usually:

  • Body composition analysis
  • Height, weight, Body Mass Index, Waist/Hip ratio
  • Blood pressure measurements
  • Peripheral sensation assessment
  • Peak flow assessment
  • Pulse oximetry

Please arrange your registration health check before your first appointment with Dr Frey.

We have a strong interest in functional medicine and can - based on your needs - arrange functional tests (e.g. from Genova Diagnostics, KASHI, ImuPro, or Regenerus) for our registered patients.

Whilst being cared for by us, you still retain your NHS GP. We strongly encourage you to share results or medication changes with your NHS GP. We will never initiate contact with our NHS GP or respond to any requests without your formal consent.

Important points:

  • Blood testing is only available for patients age 10 y and over.
  • Please be aware that we don't offer consultations related to pregnancy or contraception. Also we have no facilities for minor surgery, vaccinations or dressing changes.​
  • To prevent conflict of interest we currently do not register current StowHealth patients or patients who had an NHS consultation with Dr Frey in the previous three months.