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Private GP Practice

Unfortunately, we cannot offer A&E services. In an emergency please always dial 999!As our private patient you will enjoy a bespoke service to help you to get well and stay…

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Health Screening

We want You to Stay Well!A Health Screening can give you reassurance that you are in ‘good shape’ or highlight symptoms before they turn into problems.The two most important risk factors…

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Genetic Testing

  Scientists have identified small genetic variations among humans called SNPs (pronounced “snips”) that can lead to more specialised and effective medical treatments. SNPs are single-nucleotide substitutions that occur in more than one…

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Functional Medicine

A New Way to practice MedicineFunctional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Functional Medicine addresses…

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Food Intolerance Testing

Our individual genetic differences mean that certain foods work well for one person but not another and other foods, even usually healthy options, can cause upset. It can take anywhere…

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Innovative Diagnostic Tests

Functional medicine takes on a broader and deeper perspective about what health really means. Our understanding of how the body’s systems work together, of the importance of nutrition tailored to an…

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