Private GP practice with Focus on Functional Medicine

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Welcome to our practice!

CountryHealth provides bespoke, personal, tailored healthcare to our clients.

We offer dedicated private doctor services as well as health screenings for individuals and companies.

Our mission is to help our clients - and hopefully you - to Get Well & Stay Well.

Whether you have a simple cold and need reassurance, need to have a second opinion about your health, want a health check, or need a private referral, we are happy to help you.

Our times are flexible and appointments are often available on evenings and Saturdays. 

We invite all new patients to attend a Registration Health Check.
This includes a blood pressure assessment, height, weight, body composition analysis, and lung function testing. ​

Unfortunately we can not provide A&E, maternity, minor surgery or detox services. 
Please contact your NHS practice for further advice, or call 111.
In an emergency, always call 999 or 112. 


Why not book a FREE 15-minute telephone consultation with Dr Frey to give you advice about our services. 

Functional Medicine takes a new approach. We want to find out WHY you are feeling unwell and whether there are any triggers we can remove to help you get better.

Whether you have been suffering from asthma, eczema, IBS, chronic joint pains, headaches, or fatigue​, functional medicine has a different toolkit to investigate further.

We can look deeper​, using extensive laboratory tests which are often not available in the NHS. Some tests travel to Germany or the US to specialist laboratories.

​If you want to upgrade to become a functional patient, please complete our functional registration form and send it together with your medical records to us. Dr Frey will compile a Comprehensive Functional Diagnostic Report which will form the basis for your initial functional consultation.

NB: We recommend that all new patients register first as regular private patients. ​

Upgrade as Functional Patient

Please download the functional registration form following this link.

Prepayment is required for the preparation of the Comprehensive Functional Report. You can do this HERE

The initial functional consultation takes approximately one hour. You can book it HERE

If you are unsure whether you would best benefit from becoming a regular private patient or a functional patient, simply click on the link to the right to find out how we can help you. ​

Online payment methods

We have recently teamed up with stripe to offer you the possibility for card payments on our website - at far lower fees than PayPal. We will not hold your card details, as all transactions work in the stripe application.​ 

Stripe is our preferred payment pathway. If you wish to pay via bank transfer please send us a remittance advice via email to confirm your order. 

Join Dr Frey on this short practice tour and find out about the philosophy of CountryHealth.

Introduction to CountryHealth by Dr Oliver Frey, MD MRCGP


Private GP Practice with Focus on Functional Medicine

Our patients usually get in touch when they need help that the NHS cannot provide. We can advise you on symptoms, organise specialist tests that are often not available on the NHS and can also refer you privately to specialists. We want to find the root cause of your problems, not just cover the symptoms with medication.

Make an Appointment

Private GP Practice

Unrushed appointments at times that suit you

Health screenings

A Health Screening can give you reassurance that you are in ‘good shape’ or highlight symptoms before they turn into problems.

Innovative Diagnostic Tests

CountryHealth has teamed up with a variety of leaders in the diagnostic field to offer you innovative tests which are often not available on the NHS.


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Our Services

We offer a range of services to our clients to help them to Get Well and Stay Well

Private GP Practice
Health Screening
Genetic Testing
Nutritional / Functional Therapy
Food Intolerance Testing
Private GP Practice

>>> Become a Private Patient As a private patient you will enjoy consultation services similar to your NHS GP – however in a private, unrushed environment with extended services and access: Speedy access with appointments also on evenings…

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Health Screening

We want You to Stay Well!A Health Screening can give you reassurance that you are in ‘good shape’ or highlight symptoms before they turn into problems.The two most important risk factors for early death are cardiovascular disease and…

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Genetic Testing

  Scientists have identified small genetic variations among humans called SNPs (pronounced “snips”) that can lead to more specialised and effective medical treatments. SNPs are single-nucleotide substitutions that occur in more than one percent of the general population. Certain SNPs…

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Nutritional / Functional Therapy

Functional Medicine addresses the underlying causes of disease, using a systems-oriented approach and engaging both patient and practitioner in a therapeutic partnership. Functional Medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms. We spend time…

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Food Intolerance Testing

Our individual genetic differences mean that certain foods work well for one person but not another and other foods, even usually healthy options, can cause upset. It can take anywhere from hours to days before food intolerance…

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What patients say about Dr Frey

Read what previous and current patients said about Dr Frey. For confidentiality reasons, names have been changed.

  • Since starting the elimination diet and now cutting out any remaining foods on the 'do not eat' list I've noticed that my body is rapidly changing shape. ... I never knew it'd be so easy to get such rapid results.

  • Having someone medically trained to work with and point me in the right direction has been a huge relief as finally I feel that the cause of my health issues are being looked at not just the symptoms being medicated.

  • "Great service; superb. It is important to note that IgE tests for allergies - this test, IgG, is more for intolerances. I used it as I believed it could be a useful pointer for experimenting with possibly beneficial dietary changes. I have now stopped eating dairy and some other foods, and am definitely feeling more healthy and alive. Many thanks!"

  • Thank you for seeing me yesterday afternoon. I found it very insightful and your observations have confirmed something I had been wondering about for some time.

  • Thanks for my excellent care, appreciate it very much!

  • You are one of the nicest doctors I ever met, it is your human skills!

  • You are a lifesaver! Thanks for listening.

  • This was the first proper consultation I have ever had!