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Scaremongering Facebook messages about NDT

We have recently seen messages on Facebook claiming that NDTs (Armour, ERFA) are losing their strength and are not a reliable source of medication anymore.

These messages cause a lot of distress and are simply scaremongering.

There is NO evidence for this and people who post this are following their own agenda.

Please be assured that we haven't experienced any problems and see no inconsistencies in the blood results of well established patients.

If you want correct information, why not join our own Facebook group #thyroidpreneurs with currently nearly 1900 members.

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Dena, Practice Administrator


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In an emergency, always call 999 or 112. 

We do not provide out-of-hour services!

During holidays and outside of our working hours we might be able to respond via our FB group Thyroidpreneurs

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By switching our practice to TELEMEDICINE

Dr Frey reduced his Carbon Footprint within one year by over

Recent CQC Inspection

The CQC inspected us again on the 24th of June 2019. We were awarded GOOD in all areas!. Thank you to all the team and the positive patient feedback. You can read the complete report HERE

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CQC patient feedback

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