TELEMEDICINE Thyroid Health Practice with a Functional Medicine Approach

Opening Hours : Monday to Thursday: 9:00-12:00 & 13:00-16:00 Friday: 9:00-12:00
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We have been awarded the ghp 2019 Fitness and Nutrition Award:

Best Thyroid Health Clinic 2019 - UK  

The Challenge

You have NO ENERGY and NO FUN, are fed up being TIRED, just can't get the WEIGHT down. You feel that your THYROID IS NOT RIGHT, but the NHS won't help. 

We are in turbulent times ...

Lockdowns, travel restrictions, job uncertainties, tight budgets, no specialist appointments ...

Our Solution

We help patients with an UNDERACTIVE THYROID getting their Energy and FUN back using the right tests and a BESPOKE treatment plan with tailored medication including NDT and T3.

Our practice team investigates and addresses the REASONS why patients have symptoms. We aim to solve the CAUSES of their problems, not just "cover-up" their symptoms.

In cooperation with affiliate practitioners, we use a
holistic approach with a combination of lifestyle adjustments, nutritional medicine, supplements and prescription medicine.

Our 100% TELEMEDICINE practice is only a call or email away for our patients in the UK, EU and as far as Jordan and Turkey!

When can we help YOU to Get Well & Stay Well? 

All our services including tests and supplements are for registered patients only. 

We encourage our patients to share their results and treatment plans with their NHS GP

FREE pre-registration phone call

Why not book a FREE 15-minute telephone call with Dr Frey to give you advice about our services. 

This is only available ONCE for not [yet] registered patients. 

Unfortunately, we cannot provide A&E, maternity, minor surgery or detox services. 
We do not stock or prescribe controlled drugs. Our Services are for patients age 18y+ only.

We reduced our Carbon Footprint

By switching our practice to TELEMEDICINE

Dr Frey reduced his Carbon Footprint within one year by over

Recent CQC Inspection

The CQC inspected us again on the 24th of June 2019. We were awarded GOOD in all areas!. Thank you to all the team and the positive patient feedback. You can read the complete report HERE

CQC rating 2019
CQC patient feedback

Our Mission:

We want to help our clients to learn how to become healthier, and take or regain control of their health to get well and stay well.

Terms and Conditions:

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Advice presented on this web site is for information only and is not intended as a substitute for seeking professional medical advice.

Our UK office:

CountryHealth Ltd
Cornwallis Chambers
23 Gt Colman Street
Suffolk IP4 2AN

Telephone: 01449 833 833 or 01473 218 373
FAX: 01473 218 373
Company No. 09059874
VAT No: GB 330180057

CQC registration:

Registration number:  1-2013159902
Date of registration: 3rd June 2015
Our ratings: overall GOOD