TELEMEDICINE Thyroid Health Practice with a Functional Medicine Approach

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Affiliated Therapists

CountryHealth offers our clients a bespoke holistic “one-stop-shop” experience for all their health problems.

Our hand-picked team of affiliate practitioners complement our medical services. We work as a team and have regular multidisciplinary team meetings where we discuss (with our clients consent!) tricky presentations to find solutions that can not be offered by one speciality alone.

Do you want to join our team?

If you are a practitioner and want to join our team, please contact Dena via 01473 218 373 or to find out more.

Please complete this form to give us all details to put you on our website. 

Each practitioner needs to have an Enhanced DBS check, is bound by our confidentiality agreement, has to have individual liability insurance and the necessary training and accreditation. 

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