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Selenium – why you should take it

  • What is Selenium
  • Metabolic Benefits
  • Effect on Thyroid
  • Antiviral effects

Selenium has shown several antiviral effects, working on all relevant levels:

  • Reduces viral mutations
  • Inhibits viral replication
  • Antioxidant effect - Immunonutrition
  • Cell system support: improves lymphatic flow

Recently, selenium status was reported to positively correlate with the survival of patients with COVID-19 compared with non-survivors. 

We recommend these supplements to provide you with the recommended 200 mcg of Selenium:

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Triglycerides, HDL and cardiac risk

Most reliable predictor of heart risk 

The ratio of Triglycerides to HDL: TG:HDL ratio is the most reliable predictor of heart risk, not LDL..

Ideally it should be 1; but no more than 2. You want TG <100 (<95 better); HDL >60 in men (>70 in women).

TG/HDL ratio is also termed AIP (Atherogenic index of plasma). 

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The Pfizer-BioNTech Vaccine

Source: NYT

The German company BioNTech partnered with Pfizer to develop the coronavirus vaccine known as BNT162b2, the generic name tozinameran or the brand name Comirnaty

A clinical trial showed that the vaccine has an efficacy rate of 95 percent in preventing Covid-19.

A Piece of the Coronavirus

The SARS-CoV-2 virus is studded with spike proteins that it uses to enter human cells.