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Nicola Hodges

Nicola is a BANT registered nutritionist. She passionate about the power of nutrition for immune health and mental well-being and has made it her mission to support those suffering from the wide range of symptoms that thyroid disease brings.

She works using the functional medicine approach and focuses on nutrient density, sleep, stress management and optimising gut health.

Nicola has Hashimoto’s herself and managed to overcome many of the associated debilitating symptoms with nutrition and lifestyle approaches. She is also a certified AIP coach (Autoimmune paleo).

Nicola sees clients all over the world via zoom and offers a FREE 15-minute discover call.

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Dr. Oliver Frey, MD

Dr. Frey has dedicated his life to helping people take control of their health. His aim is to help his clients to learn how to become healthier, and take or regain control of their health.