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Face masks and Covid-19

You probably read articles that face masks can potentially increase your risk of getting ill. When they become moist they provide a perfect breeding ground for bacteria.

There is a simple, inexpensive solution that should reduce your risk: Spray your masks with colloidal silver

Colloidal Silver

Take any single use or fabric face mask, spray it lightly with colloidal silver just before you need to wear it, allow to air dry after spraying -- and voila! – you’ll be able to enjoy the infection-fighting protection of silver in your face mask without exorbitant cost. Respirators Functionalized with Silver Nanoparticles Showed Excellent Real-Time Antimicrobial Effects against Pathogens

"Nanosilver coated particulate respirators with excellent antimicrobial activities can provide real-time protection to people in regions with severe air pollution against air-borne pathogens."

Environ. Sci. Technol. 2016, 50, 13, 7144–7151 | Publication Date:June 21, 2016