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I went through Google Pay and when I hit “Pay” it just stayed on the same screen

If Google Pay does not work, please chose “Proceed to Checkout” instead of “Buy now”, and enter your card details manually.

I am trying to log in to my account so I can place an order but its saying that my email address is not recognised

Most likely, you haven’t created an account yet. You can either proceed as a guest (delete your email address) or register via My Account. 

How much do you charge for your services?

CountryHealth operates a private medical practice and all our services attract a fee.

This is the LINK to our current price list.

If you miss a specific test, please contact us and we can look up the price for you.

Are you registered with ico for data protection?

Yes, our practice is registered with ico and our registration number is: ZB373603

How can I engage with your practice?

We are always keen to hear from you – so please CONTACT US if you need our help.

Once you have received a thyroid report, you can take part in a survey. The link is in the report. You can also provide us with a testimonial.

We also have a newsletter to which you can subscribe – and unsubscribe if you don’t want to receive it any longer.

Please be aware, that we cannot comment on thyroid blood results over the phone or via email. You would need to order the correct thyroid report for this.

How can I give consent?

We recommend tests or investigations either in our reports or consultations which we feel helpful in your specific situation. Consent can be verbal, by action (i.e. showing your arm to take a blood sample, ordering a test) or in writing.

If you want to have a copy of our Patient information about Consent please contact us.

If I need to see a specialist consultant can I be referred back into the NHS or do I have to pay?

We are happy to write to your NHS GP and ask whether they would kindly refer you within the NHS. As you are aware, NHS referrals often have longer waiting times than private referrals.

If we refer you privately we charge you a referral fee and you would need to pay the consultant either yourself or via a private health insurance policy. You should always contact your private insurance before the referral to make sure they cover the cost.

Will I have to pay for any tests you recommend or can I have them done on the NHS?

You can certainly ask your NHS GP whether they are willing and able to offer you recommended tests. Also you can request previous blood results from your NHS GP so that we don’t have to “double-up” and avoid unnecessary blood testing.

If your NHS GP cannot provide you with the tests you can order recommended tests via our website.

If I need some tests (like a blood test) can it be done by you or do I have to go back to my NHS GP?

We work closely with a variety of laboratories to provide our registered clients with blood tests – some of which are not readily available for your NHS GP.

We co-operate with Medichecks. They offer finger-prick home testing kits for a variety of blood tests, and also a nursing service to take a venous blood sample at your home for an additional fee. You can find out about the Medichecks tests HERE

Some tests advertised elsewhere can be pricey and might not be really helpful in your situation. Before you spend some money, please CONTACT US. 

Where can I take a private prescription that you have issued for me?

As many of the medication [like NDT] we prescribe are not readily available in local chemists we send the prescriptions directly to one of our partner chemists. We inform you where the prescription has been sent and you simply call them, pay for the tablets and delivery and the medication will be in your letterbox in a couple of days.

If I need medication can you give me a prescription?

We can only prescribe medication related to thyroid health. You can order a private prescription via our website.

We can only prescribe medication related to an underactive thyroid condition for patients registered with our practice with a recent thyroid report compiled by our doctor based on recent blood results. 

Can I use your service for a second opinion?

You can certainly consult us if you want a second opinion about your thyroid care. Often we see patients who have been investigated by their NHS GP and specialists and who want to find out whether there are additional ways to help with their conditions.

If I see you privately does it mean that I cannot see my NHS GP anymore?

We offer a service that complements the services of your NHS GP. You need to remain registered with your NHS GP practice. You should also keep your NHS GP informed about any treatment changes, e.g. by sharing your reports with them.

Will my visits to you be covered on my health insurance?

Unfortunately private health insurance companies usually don’t cover private GP consultations. As we offer services beyond a private GP it might be worth asking whether your insurance is prepared to contribute to your cost.

Do you do house calls if I am too poorly to come to the practice?

We offer a pure telemedicine practice and can therefore not provide you with a home visit. Often problems can be solved with a telephone consultation.

If you feel acutely unwell, please contact your NHS practice, or call 111 or 999 – depending on the urgency. 

Can I call you in an emergency?

We do NOT offer out of hours or emergency services. If you need a doctor urgently, please contact your NHS GP practice.

In an emergency always dial 999, and if it is less urgent 111.

Do you offer vaccinations or immunisations?

We do not offer vaccinations or immunisations. Please contact your NHS practice for these or private providers.

How can I register with your practice?

We offer a FREE pre-registration call for interested clients with Dr Frey where they can discuss their current health problems and find out whether we might be able to assist them. Calls can be booked via our online booking system or by contacting our patient coordinator.

All new patients need to register with the practice and complete an online registration form.

We charge a registration fee to cover our administrative cost.

Once registered, patients have access to all our services.

You can find out more on our dedicated registration page. 

In an emergency always call 999 or 112. 

Do you have a Practice leaflet?

You can find our Practice leaflet HERE or on our website under “HOME” -> “Terms and Conditions”.

If I am not happy with your services, how can I make a complaint?

We are always keen to keep all our clients happy. Should you feel that we could have done better, please speak directly to the team member involved. Should you not be happy with the outcome, please write to

Should you not be happy please ask for our Complaints Procedure

Do you have any interests to declare?

We are proud to cooperate with several providers of services, some of which offer a small incentive to their practitioners for referrals, e.g. Medichecks, ImuPro, Lamberts Healthcare, Lifecode Gx, Nordic VMS and Nutri. We have taken these into account when compiling our pricing structure to keep our prices low. We will not recommend any treatments or investigations unless we strongly feel that these would be of the benefit of our clients.

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What are your payment terms?

Please place all orders via our website. You can pay via STRIPE with most payment cards, or BACS into our account. Once your order is successful, you receive an email confirmation with an attached automatic invoice [PAID]. Should a card payment fail, this is often due to an incorrect postcode! 

Subscriptions to membership plans are via GoCardless and taken via Direct Debit from your account. You can also pay for some of our services via GoCardless, should you not have a valid payment card.

We do not accept cash or cheque payments.

On request, we can also issue an invoice for our services. You can settle your invoice via BACS, a one-off direct debit payment using GoCardless, or via STRIPE with a valid payment card. Please note, that we charge an admin fee for issuing an invoice via our admin staff.

Before payments have been cleared, we cannot provide you with our services, e.g. test or supplement orders.

If an invoice remains unpaid, we may charge a late payment fee: 15% p.a., min £ 20.

Please also check our REFUND policy. 

Do you prescribe for addiction?

We do not offer specialist services for patients who suffer from any drug or alcohol addictions and do not stock or provide any controlled drugs or drugs meant to help with detoxification.

Please contact your NHS GP to access the services available.

You might also want to contact Home Detox UK. This is not a recommendation as we have no affiliation or experience with this service.

What information can be found in my health record?

Your health record is updated any time you see one of our health professionals. You could find the following in your health record:

  • Your medical history and your family’s medical history
  • Test results and x-rays
  • Medications prescribed
  • Details about your lifestyle (smoking, exercise, recreational drug use, high-risk sports, stress levels)
  • Doctor/nurse notes
  • Any correspondence
  • Results of operations and procedures

We keep a paper record as well as a computerised record and are registered with the ICO for data protection.

Who has access to my health records?

The confidentiality of your health records is paramount. We will not provide access to your records or discuss your health issues with anybody unless authorised by yourself or due to applicable laws.