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How our Practice works

What makes our practice Special - as you are, too!

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TeleHealth Practice

CountryHealth has been operating as a 100% Telehealth practice since September 2019. 

Our virtual assistant Thyra explains the benefits


Every patient needs to register with our practice. After all, we need to know who you are before we can help you.

Please listen to Thyra how this works.

Please only register after you had your pre-registration call with Dr Frey.

Complete Thyroid Panel

In order to make the correct diagnosis, we need a full thyroid profile including TSH, FT4, FT3 and antibodies.

Ideally you should also check your vitamin levels, if this has not happened recently. 



Using the provided lancets can be a bit tricky. We recommend using the Accu-Chek Fastclix Finger Pricked Lancing Device.

  • We can accept results up to 2 months old for our thyroid reports. They should contain at least TSH, FT4 and FT3. 
  • Please ensure you take a fasting blood sample, leave at least 10-12 hours between your last medication and the blood test and stop supplements containing Biotin for at least 2 days before the test. 
  • Due to quality concerns, we cannot accept results from Genova Diagnostics.

Instead of a traditional consultation, we provide written reports, assessing your current health, medication, latest blood results, wrapping it up in a written action plan.

Your first report also includes our ThyroidPreneur Handbook with over 200 references. It explains what you can do yourself for best thyroid health. 

Rather then checking only, whether your results are within or outside the reference range, we plot them onto our thyroid scale, aiming for optimal FT3 results.

This scale helps you to better understand your results, compare TSH, FT4 and FT3 against each other, assess whether you are converting T4 effectively into T3, might have a reverse T3 problem or thyroid hormone resistance.

Thyroid reports are only available for registered patients.

How to place an order on our website

Thyra has prepared a guide how to place an order on our website, using your first Thyroid Report as an example. 

Medication Toolbox

Every patient needs careful assessment of the medication that is most likely to help them overcome their underactive thyroid condition.

We have three "tools" in our medication "toolbox":

  • natural desiccated thyroid (NDT)
  • Levothyroxine
  • synthetic T3

Thyra explains the choices. 

NDT Prescriptions

If your thyroid report recommends a prescription for Natural Desiccated Thyroid medication, you can order this from our website.

Thyra explains the process. 

Dr Frey uses a "bottom-up" approach in prescribing medication, avoiding accidental overmedication.

We always recommend to report after a couple of weeks how the medication is working for you for advice how to adjust your prescription. This service is included, does not involve additional testing or a follow-up report. 

Please report straight away should you run into difficulties by calling Dena or via email. 

Prescriptions can only be ordered by registered patients with a recent thyroid report. 


We recommend follow-ups every 2-3 months until your symptoms are controlled and blood results optimised. 

Once this is achieved, we keep an eye on you at least twice a year to make sure we are not missing any changes.

In our follow-up reports, we keep your previous results, add the new ones in, recalculate the thyroid scale to see what has changed, and then fine-tune your treatment plan.

Please note that we cannot discuss new blood results during a telephone / WhatsApp call.

Should we find that something is not going to plan, we will recommend additional functional tests, following a "spider web" approach, testing the most likely affected health system for any modifiable factors.

This way, we don't overspend money on unnecessary tests and still find the root causes of your health issues.

Dr Frey only deals with thyroid related health issues. If any of the functional reports shows any abnormalities, please get in touch with our affiliate practitioner Shoela

Thyroid reports are only available for registered patients.