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Nature Throid &
WP Thyroid recall

There has been a recent recall on all current lots of Nature-Throid and WP Thyroid (manufactured by RLC Labs, Inc), on 25.08.2020 due to certain lots being found to be sub-potent. This means that the affected medications may have too little thyroid hormone in them. A person who is stable on their current dose of thyroid hormone, who then receives these affected lots, may become hypothyroid!

This is the list of affected batches.

Update 07.09.2020:

Customised 4U have informed us that all Nature Throid medication supplied to them, regardless of batch number, is being recalled. Patients will be contacted directly by the pharmacy.

If you are affected by this recall, we offer a FREE replacement prescription via Customised 4U for prescriptions we issued within the last 3 months . Please contact Dena directly for this. This does not include the cost for new medication!

To find out whether you can get a refund for your affected batch, please contact the chemist who issued the original Nature Throid / WP Thyroid. 

Customised 4U:



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