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Hover with your mouse over the menu heading "Thyroidpreneurs", move down to Thyroid Reports, the to the right, over "ThyroidPreneur Handbook + Your first thyroid report".

Click on this.


Your First Thyroid Report + ThyroidPreneur Handbook

You now come to the page with all the information what is included in your first Thyroid Preneur Handbook + Your first thyroid report, 

Click on "Order Thyroid Report"


Enter Discount Code

If you have signed up for one of our membership plans, you have received a coupon code. Please enter it in the marked box, then click "Proceed to Checkout".


Enter Billing Details

As you will be new to our website, you don't need to log in to proceed. 

Please fill all fields of the Billing Details, making sure you enter your best email address.

If you need to tell us  something important, you can do this via the Order Notes box on the right. 


Chose preferred Payment Option

Scroll down to see a summary of your order and payment options.

You can either pay via card or bank transfer. 

For card payments, complete all the fields, making sure you enter the correct card details.

If you want to pay with bank transfer, click on "Direct Bank Transfer" instead. 

Now click on "Place Order"


Website Confirmation

If all worked, you will now see the Confirmation page. 


Email Confirmation

You will also receive a confirmation email with all the details. In case you want to pay by Direct Bank Transfer, the email will contain all the details you need to make the bank transfer.

Any Problems

If you have any further questions, please contact Dina.

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