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Our Partner Chemists


Our Partner Chemists

We have teamed up with several partner chemists. They are fully registered and licensed and have stock of thyroid medication, taking care of any customs declarations and the quality of the medication.

Many of our patients noticed, that they paid less ordering through them rather then having the hussle of arranging a personal import from abroad.

Prescriptions are ONLY available to registered patients with an up-to-date thyroid report. 

Delivery of NDT to EU countries

Our UK chemists have informed us that unfortunately they cannot send patient’s medicines to anywhere in Europe as they will not clear customs.

Please chose our partner chemist in Vienna or Munich 
for all EU deliveries of NDT!

The supply of NDT within the UK is unaffected!

Your Benefits
  • Our partner chemists are fully registered and licensed
  • Medication is in stock and will be sent directly to you once paid for
  • No worries about "grey imports"
  • Cheaper prices through bulk purchases
  • Our partner chemists take care of customs declarations and the quality of the medication
  • We send the prescription electronically to the chosen chemist and copy you in
  • You need to contact the chemist and pay for the medication, before it can be dispatched (Smartway will send you a payment link via email). 
  • The contact details will be emailed to you.
  • Due to administrative reasons, we cannot send prescriptions to other chemists.
  • If you currently use a different chemist and they offer better prices, ask them to get in touch - we might be able to add them to our partner list. 

Prices fluctuate. Please find below the prices as per 24/09/2020 for our partner chemists. 

plus non-EU destinations

Smartway Pharmaceuticals

More than 20 years of pharmaceutical healthcare provision
A global leader in medicines supply, with established global partners in pharmaceutical distribution, manufacturing and healthcare.

Smartway will send you a payment link by email after receipts of your e-prescription. If you need to contact them, their number is +44 (0)20 8545 7711. 

Lower prices

best value for money

FREE delivery

Armour Thyroid
per 100 tbl

1/4 grain, 1/2 grain, 1 grain
1,5 grains
2 grains

approx. £ 1 per grain.

The price difference between the 1/4-grain, 1/2- grain and 1-grain tablets per 100 is minimal!

Current prices available via Dena. 

ERFA Thyroid
per 100 tbl

30 mg [ca 1/2 grain]
60 mg [ca 1 grain]
125 mg [ca 1 grain]

Approx. 25% cheaper than Armour Thyroid
Current prices available via Dena.

per 3x28 tbl

25 mcg
50 mcg
100 mcg

100 mcg approx. £ 10.
Current prices available via Dena. 


25 mcg/5ml SF (100 mls)
50 mcg/5ml SF (100 mls)
100 mcg/5ml SF (100 mls)

Price per bottle approximately £ 100!
Current prices available via Dena. 


20 mcg Tablets (28)

Tablet price approx. £ 5!
Current prices available via Dena. 

Delivery UK: FREE

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Please chose for ALL EU destinations


in Vienna - Austria
This compound pharmacy produces NDT out of  the USP (United States Pharmacopeia) pig thyroid extract.

FREE from lactose, gluten

Only filler: Cocoa butter (no coconut particles)



Magistrale Rezeptur

1/8 grain -> 4 grains in 1/4 grain increments

VERY competitive prices (details available via Dena)
1 grain [100 pack] are around € 62 + destination VAT

Delivery fees:

approx € 15 - depending on country

Klösterle Apotheke

in Munich - Germany
This compound pharmacy produces NDT out of raw ingredients.

Available in the following strengths:
5 / 10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 70 / 75 / 80 / 100



40 mcg [~ 1 grain]  - approx. € 80

Current prices available via Dena.
Delivery to the UK with minimum order of € 200.

Delivery fees:

within DE: € 5,50

rest of EU: € 14