TELEMEDICINE Thyroid Health Practice with a Functional Medicine Approach

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Our Prices

Our core services

We have been able to keep our prices stable for over a year to make thyroid health affordable. 

FREE initial telephone call

A doctor-patient relationship is built on mutual trust. 

Before registering as a patient of our practice, please book a 15 min telephone call with Dr Frey to find out, how we can help you. We will not be able to provide you with medical advice during this call but can establish, whether our services fit your needs – and how to best proceed.


All new patients need to complete a registration form and pay a registration fee. The registration fee covers our work for putting your details from the registration form onto our practice software.

All our services (test orders, supplements, reports, prescriptions etc) are ONLY available to registered patients! 

  • Thyroid patients have to be 18y or over to register
  • You remain registered with your NHS practice for all other health services
  • We recommend to share your treatment plans with your NHS practice

Arrange Thyroid Tests

We have teamed up with Medichecks to offer our patients a convenient way to test their thyroid function - an a lot more. 

Medichecks offers the majority of their tests via finger-prick home testing kits. Some tests are only possible via a venous blood sample. 

Thyroid Reports

We like to turn our patients into experts in thyroid health, empowering them to help themselves as much as possible to gain their energy and fun back. 

Our thyroid reports explain all the root causes of an underactive thyroid and what YOU can do to help yourself.

We analyse the lab results against optimal values and plot them on our thyroid scale, to make them easier to understand.

The reports provide a detailed action plan and the option to order a prescription if this is indicated.

Thyroid Medicine Prescription

Once you have received one of our thyroid reports you can order a prescription for thyroid medication. 

We have teamed up with partner chemists and send the prescriptions directly to them. You then call them, pay for the medication and postage, and the tablets should be in your letterbox in a couple of days. 

Telephone/Skype/WhatsApp voice call

A 15-min slot is useful for some clarifications on an existing report or a quick question.

If you have more questions or a more complex problem, please book a 30-min slot.

A voice consultation is useful to:

  • discuss a recent report
  • discuss a new issue arrised

Please do not use this service to:

Additional Services

We offer a complete service related to thyroid health, including access to functional tests, referrals for ultrasound scans, airline letters and supplements. We have listed the most commonly requested services here, and several more can be found on our website. Simple use the search facility. 

ImuPro Complete Food Intolerance Test

Food is a lot more than "healthy" or "unhealthy". If you eat the wrong food, it is like putting petrol in a diesel tank. Even the best quality in small infrequent amounts can cause a lot of problems.

We have teamed up with ImuPro to offer our patients a test that we found superior to all the competitors we have investigated.

We send you a test kit for home-testing which you have to return to our partner laboratory in Germany via courrier service. You will receive the results via email in a couple of weeks, including a detailed nutritional guide and - unless you have reactions to a very high number of foods, also your personal recipe book. 

Should you require an additional test kit, you can order this here. 

Functional Tests

Functional medicine investigates and addresses the root causes of health problems. 

Whilst our treatment plans address the root causes of thyroid health issues, in some cases it is necessary to "dig deeper" with specific functional tests, available via highly specialiesed laboratories. 

If you need help interpreting the results, we can get you in toch with a very knowledgeable affiliate practitioner. 

Adrenal Fatigue Report

Adrenal fatigue is poorly understood in conventional medicine. It can mimic many symptoms of an underactive thyroid.

The recommended way to test adrenal fatigue is via saliva testing. We offer these two test options:

To help you understand the results of an adrenal saliva test and provide you with a personalised management plan, you can order our Adrenal Fatigue Report. 

Genetic Tests

Genetics play a hugh role in our health. They are like the play cards in a poker game. If you know how to play them, you can succeed. 

We have teamed up with specialist laboratoris to offer our registered patients access to tests we find useful. 


Lamberts Healthcare

Food supplements can be a very vaulable addition to a thyroid-healthy diet, but they have to be of the right quality and be affordable.

We have teamed up with Lamberts Healthcare and can offer our patients 5% off the RRP. For orders over £ 25 delivery is FREE. 

We also compiled a list of links to supplements available via

Via our partner chemist Customised 4U we can also provide you with a selected range of supplements from Wellness Works.

We charge a flat fee to send the order to the chemist, and you pay them the fee for the supplements. 


We can refer you for thyroid scans or private consultants if this is necessary. 

Administrative Services and Fees

This is a list of our administrative fees. Should you miss anything, please contact our office. 

Late Payment

We charge for all our services. You can order the vast majority of our services via our website. 

Sometimes, we issue an invoice (at our discression) and expect payment within 3 working days. 

Should invoices remain unpaid we not only charge  a late payment fee of £ 20 + VAT, we will also withhold all future services until all bills are settled. 

After the 3rd reminder clients will be discharged and banned from our practice.

Airline letter

We can provide you with an airline letter to allow you taking your medication in your hand luggage. 

To Whom it May Concern Letter

If you require a letter explaining your health condition we are helping you with, we are happy to help - as long as we have all the relevant information

Depending on complexity, prices start from £ 79 + VAT. 

Copy of Notes

We can provide you with copies of your notes. 

  • Copy of electronic notes, via email, for £ 10 + VAT
  • Copy of paper notes, via post, for £ 50 + VAT

Other Services

All services can be ordered via our website. If you chose to contact our office and order via phone or email instead, we charge a small service fee to cover our cost.

Service ordered via phone or email


Ordering a report

£ 15 [+VAT] + report fee

Ordering Home test kit from Medichecks, Thriva or ImuPro. 

£ 15 [+ VAT] + test kit fee

Ordering Invivo or Lifecodex Tests 

£ 15 [+ VAT] + test kit fee

Paper report instead of email report

£ 15 [+ VAT] + report fee

Ordering of prescription drugs on your behalf

£ 15 [+ VAT] + medication cost

Invoice & BACS payment

£ 15 [+ VAT]