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Thyroid Reports

Thyroid reports and prescriptions are EXCLUSIVELY available for our registered patients.

Instead of PAYG you might want to join a payment plan, spreading the cost over 12 monthly payments. The link for a plan most suitable to you is in your last report or available via

We recommend follow-up reports every 2-3 months until symptoms are controlled and blood results optimised. This usually takes about one year. Once this is achieved, you should have a follow-up twice or three times a year.

Whilst we do our best to get blood levels quickly close to optimal, every patient responds differently. You should have the first follow-up report 6-8 weeks after starting a new treatment plan. 

Please send us your results when they become available. We cannot issue a report for results older than 2 months and do not accept results from INUVI or GENOVA diagnostics due to quality concerns.

If we do not receive reliable results for a report order within one month, we cancel the order and refund the report fee minus our standard admin fee.

Before we prepare a written thyroid report, we will ask for an assessment form to be completed to get up-to-date information regarding current medication, any symptoms or problems.

If we receive additional information after preparing the report which require significant changes to amend the report we need to charge a report amendment fee for the additional work.

Please note: We reserve the right to discharge patients who had no follow-up for more then 6 months or repeatedly do not follow the recommended review schedule.