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Allergy, asthma and autoimmune diseases are increasing around the world and affect all ages. Since every country has their own dietary habits there are differences in the allergens causing food allergies.

This is a test for allergies. We also offer the ImuPro 300 food intolerance test. You might be not allergic but intolerant to certain food items.


Please add our blood sampling service to your order.


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Additional Information

The following parameters are included:

  • Total IgE
  • Food Mix: Cod, cows milk, egg white, soya bean, peanut, wheat, cod
  • Grass Mix: cocksfoot, meadow, meadow fescue, rye, timothy
  • Cat dander
  • Cladosporum herbarum
  • Dog dander
  • House dust mite
  • Latex

Turn around time: 2 days


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