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Special prescription for compounded thyroid medication


Please order your new prescription AT LEAST 3 weeks before you are running out!

If your latest thyroid report indicates that you need a private prescription for your thyroid health (and you are not due for a new test + follow-up report) we are happy to help.

The price of compounded thyroid medication is set by the pharmacy and out of our control. We are unable to publish prices. Please make your own enquiries before ordering a prescription.

Once ordered, we will process your request, check it against your records and send the prescription via email and post directly to the chemist. We aim to complete your request within 7 working days.

  • We cannot guarantee that prescriptions arrive at the chemist
  • If you need a re-issue of a prescription that got lost, an admin fee of £ 15 applies.
  • Each prescription offers approximately 3 months supply.
  • If your address has changed since the last prescription, please let Dena know!

Please note that you need to be a registered patient and have a recent thyroid report before you can order a thyroid prescription.

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Additional Information

Prescriptions for compounded thyroid medication are ONLY available to registered patients who have ordered a recent Thyroid report. Please check our information page for NDT carefully before ordering a prescription. It contains valuable information about each available product. 

By ordering a prescription, you confirm that you have read and understood all information provided to you in your thyroid report and on the information page for NDT.  

The prescription fee does NOT include the cost of the mediation. You need to settle this directly with the chemist.

If you order a prescription and are NOT registered, decide not to register, do not order a thyroid report based on up-to-date results and ask for a refund, we can refund only £15 due to our administrative cost!

Additional Information


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