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DVLA Medical Examination



If you’re 45 or older, you’ll need to renew your licence to drive lorries, minibuses or buses every 5 years. When you reach 65, you’ll need to renew your licence every year.


For a routine DVLA medical to apply for a provisional HGV/PCV licence, or to renew your licence, DVLA allow you to go to any registered doctor. For hackney carriage licences, the rules are more complicated, because some licensing authorities allow you to go to any doctor, some authorities require you to go to the approved council doctor, and some authorities say that you must have the medical with your own GP, so you need to check with your licensing officer before you book your appointment with us.


If you haven’t received the reminder application forms, you can get form D2 with form D4 from the DVLA form ordering service.


Please complete our DVLA Medical Questionnaire and bring it with you for your examination, together with your driving license.


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Please ask an optometrist or an optician to fill in the vision assessment section of the report. The optician or optometrist will normally charge for this.

You need to bring a urine sample and any relevant medical information, hospital letters etc. for the examination. You also need to bring a form of ID, for example, your driving license.

The DVLA examination includes a short examination and will take approx. 30 minutes.