Functional blood profile



If you haven’t had any recent blood tests our functional blood profile provides valuable insights into any health problems that can be identified through a thorough blood test.

Our tailored profile includes a full assessment of haematology, kidney function, liver function, cholesterol levels, thyroid function, high-sensitive CRP, diabetes assessment and your Vitamin D status.

The profile comes with a comprehensive report (approx. 15 pages), detailing a variety of health indexes and intervention recommendations.

NEW: We have now added active B12 to assess B12 deficiencies.


Additional Information

This comprehensive blood test checks 36 parameters:

  • Full blood count + differential, Iron, Total iron binding capacity
  • ESR
  • Sodium, Potassium, Chloride, Bicarbonate, Urea, Creatinine
  • Bilirubin, Alkaline phosphatase, AST, ALT, Gamma-GT, Albumin, Protein, Globulin
  • CK, LDH, Uric acid
  • Calcium, Phosphate
  • Total cholesterol, HDL + LDL cholesterol, triglycerides
  • TSH, FT4, FT3 – to check your thyroid function
  • Ferritin – to check your iron storage
  • high-sensitive CRP – to check for hidden inflammation
  • Glucose and HbA1c – to check for diabetes
  • 25-OH Vit D – to check your vitamin D status, important for immunity and bone health
  • NEW: Active B12

Blood required: 1 x Purple, 2 x Gold, 1 x Grey vial


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