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Establishing a methodology that is the most accurate we currently know of in the microbiology field, and using the latest technology was absolutely critical for the development of the EcologiX™ profiles. An incredibly knowledgeable and experienced Scientific Advisory Board joined the Phylo team, and dedicated time and money to create this profile.

The GI EcologiX™ profile uses quantitative real-time polymerase chain reaction (qRT-PCR), using TaqMan technology, to analyse the bacterial, fungal and viral communities of the gastrointestinal ecosystem. It measures gastrointestinal health markers by enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) technology.

Phylo has also added a couple of quality measures to ensure accuracy, which differ from other microbiome tests on the market. Phylo utilises a fixed amount of sample DNA (ng) per test and uses an endogenous control to measure your ‘baseline’ microbial load. This enables to report accurately on the relative abundance of the target microbes.

Doing these extra steps means it is easier for you to compare your samples before and after treatment.

If the results come back positive, we can get you in touch with a Nutrition Therapist e.g. Hayley or Natasha to discuss your treatment options. A telephone consultation with Dr Frey to discuss the results is unfortunately not sufficient.

Additional Information

Sample Type

Stool – Single Sample

Turnaround time

5-7 days

Additional Information / Instructions


  • Please check the sample report above before ordering.
  • The cost of the test does NOT include an interpretation of the results.
  • If you require further guidance, please contact our affiliate practitioner Natasha