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The Hepatic Detox Profile measures urinary levels of D-glucaric acid and mercapturic acids which are reliable biomarkers for toxic exposure.

Urinary D-glucaric acid is a by-product of phase I detoxification. Elevated levels indicate induction of P-450 enzymes as a result of exposure to xenobiotics such as pesticides, fungicides, petrochemicals, drugs, formaldehyde and styrenes. This exposure induces the glucuronic acid pathway and production of D-glucaric acid.

Mercapturic acids are the excreted end products of phase II detoxification and include a variety of functional xenobiotics that have conjugated with glutathione or L-cysteine prior to excretion. Low levels are consistent with insufficient glutathione and L-cysteine. When the rate of functional xenobiotics exceeds the capacity of phase II detoxification more potent toxins can accumulate.

This test does not require the use of any hepatoxic compounds and is especially important for symptomatic patients or those with a history of chemical sensitivity.

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If this test shows a deficiency in your detoxification system, we recommend testing this further with the URINE TOXIC & ESSENTIAL ELEMENTS profile.