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Ovarian Cancer Risk




Ovarian Cancer is the fourth or fifth most common cause of cancer-related deaths among women worldwide and is responsible for 5% of all cancer deaths in women. It is often detected at an advanced stage, which generally results in a poor prognosis and poor survival rate. Early detection is key.


CA125 is, to date, the best known test for ovarian cancer. It has however a high false positive rate among women with benign gynaecological conditions such as endometriosis. On the other hand, levels are not increased in nearly 40-50% of early stage ovarian cancers, and in 20% of all ovarian cancers.


HE4 is a new marker which significantly raises the level of early detection. It is consistently elevated in patients with ovarian cancer. Together with the menopausal state and in combination with a CA125 result a more accurate risk for malignant disease can be estimated.


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Analyte list: 

  • HE4
  • CA125
  • ROMA – calculated algorithm for risk of malignant disease

Turn around time:

2 days