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Pulse Oximeter for Adults and Children


Testing your oxygen saturation can be very helpful when you struggle to breathe to assess yourself whether you need to call for urgent medical attention.



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Amazon description:

This White Fingertip Pulse Oximeter allows you to easily obtain your SpO2 and Pulse Rate anywhere, anytime within a few seconds. Providing you with accurate and reliable readings every time.


Pulse Rate Resolution: +/- 1 bpm. The normal range of oxygen saturation was SpO2 95%-99%.

Insufficient oxygen supply: SpO2 90% – 95%;

Mild hypoxemia: SpO 2 < 90%.

Severe hypoxemia: SpO 2 < 85%.

  • Automatic Power Off Timer to prolong Battery Life
  • Comes with a Lanyard, Making it easy to transport
  • Suitable for Adults, Elderly and Used widely by Health Care Professionals
  • Includes Alkaline Batteries, Giving you a long-lasting, Reliable and Hassle-Free Oximeter for your needs