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TDL Tiny: Thyroid function


The Thyroid Function Blood Test checks your free T3 (FT3), free T4 (FT4) and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH).


Additional Information

The TDL TinyTM capillary blood collection kits are designed to collect samples from skin puncture using lancets. You receive a sample kit from TDL, collect your sample at home and return it to TDL for testing using Royal Mail Tracked 24 postal service. Results are returned directly to CountryHealth.

These test kits are not suitable for a venous blood sample! Please note that sometimes a sample – even if done correctly – might not be sufficient to provide ALL results as the amount of serum available for tests varies.

Please check the testing instructions how to take a sample!

All TDL Self-Collect samples are sent to TDL laboratories who undertake the required testing.

TDL kits are manufactured using high quality components and assembled within the UK, specifically using a quality system for medical device manufacture (ISO13485:2016).

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