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Thyroid Check UltraVit rT3



The body turns the inactive free T4 into the active free T3. A small portion is also turned into the inactive reverse T3 which can block the T3 from dogging onto its receptors. Stress can be trigger for this.


Additional fees: Phlebotomy & our Extended Thyroid Report

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We recommend this bundle for all of our first time thyroid patients.

Turnaround time approx. 14 days – a venous blood sample is required

What is included:

  • TSH, T4 – the inactive thyroid hormone,
  • T3 – the active thyroid hormone,
  • reverse T3,
  • Thyroid antibodies: TGAB & TPO / TPEX,
  • Vitamin D,
  • Vitamin B9 (Folate),
  • Vitamin
  • B12 [active]
  • Ferritin – your iron storage
  • hs-CRP – an inflammation marker

We recommend to add our Extended Thyroid Report, approx. 15-20 pages with detailed recommendations, a supplement plan, & a private prescription if indicated.

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