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Prostate Health Check

Prostate Health Check

All prostate problems can have a significant impact on quality of life, and most men over the age of 50 will develop some form of prostate disease.

Prostate cancer can be fairly advanced before you notice any symptoms at all. While unusual in men under 50, it becomes more common with increasing age. It’s important to identify prostate cancer at an early stage.

What’s included?

Do I need any special preparation?

You do not need to fast for the PSA blood test. 

When will I know the results?

You should receive a written report within a week or so.

How much will it cost?

The fully inclusive cost is £249, payable on the day of attendance. Health screening is not normally covered by health insurance policies.

Not only do we test for the Prostate specific antigen (PSA); we also routinely look at the ratio of “free to total” PSA, which gives us extra information about the likelihood of benign or malignant prostatic disease and the possible need for prostate ultrasound and biopsy

Should the test result indicate a problem, you can take the report to your NHS GP or we can arrange a private referral for you. 

Please book 2 appointments. They can be on the same day.

Prostate Health Check - part 1 (Health MOT)

Prostate Health Check - part 2 with Dr Frey