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Order a TDL Tiny Test

TDL TinyTM capillary blood collection kits are designed to collect samples from skin puncture using lancets.

If you prefer a venous blood sample you can order a test from Blue Horizon

Please check our testing instructions carefully before arranging your blood test

Order a Thyroid Report

Thyroid reports replace typical consultations. They are EXCLUSIVELY available for our registered patients.

Please note that we do not accept results from Pura Laboratories, Inuvi Diagnostics or Genova Diagnostics. Most test kit providers don't process blood samples themselves. If you use a company other than The Doctors Laboratory or Blue Horizon for your blood test, please ask your provider SPECIFICALLY not to send your sample to any of these laboratories.

Order a Prescription

Prescriptions for thyroid medication are EXCLUSIVELY available for our registered patients.

Order Supplements

Supplements can play an important role in your health journey. We have partnered with reputable companies to offer our patients good quality products for an affordable price.