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Welcome to our practice!

Thank you for your interest in becoming a new patient of our award-winning Thyroid practice. We specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of hypothyroidism (underactive thyroid).
All our prices can be found on the link on our homepage. 

Unfortunately we are not allowed to refer you back to NHS services, apart from A&E.

Good to know:

We are a Telemedicine practice specialised in the diagnosis and management of an underactive thyroid.

We don't offer face to face appointments as all our services are accessible either online, via email or phone [telephone / WhatsApp]. 

We are literally only an email or call away from you.

Once you got the results which should include TSH, FT4 and FT3 as a minimum, you can order one of our Thyroid Reports. Not only do they explain the results to you based on optimal rather than just normal reference ranges, they also address the root causes of an underactive thyroid, including lifestyle, nutrition, microbiome and deficiencies. The report then provides you with a treatment plan.

If necessary, we can recommend further functional tests and get you in touch with a nutritional therapist. 

Around 95% of our patients are on Natural Dessicated Thyroid [NDT] which is made from pig thyroid glands. Available brands are Armour Thyroid or ERFA thyroid. Both are well established and have the best availability. For our EU customers we prescribe Thyreogland which is compounded by a specialist chemist in Munich.

The remaining patients feel better on Levothyroxine or synthetic T3 - or combination therapy. . 

We send prescriptions directly to one of our partner chemists so no need to find them from your local chemist or shop around. This also guarantees quality and is required as NDT is a personally licensed medication. Once you paid for the tablets, they will send them to you via Royal Mail (in the UK) or courier. .  

We recommend to the first review after 6-8 weeks and then every 2-3 months until your results are stable, at least for the first year. Afterwards, you can test twice a year.

We cannot comment on blood results via email or telephone. You always need to ask for a new Thyroid Report. We then use your previous report, amend it with your new results and create a new treatment plan. 

Ready to start?

Brilliant. Before we start, please book a FREE telephone call with Dr Frey to find out whether we are a good match. 

Some important points:

Please be aware that ALL our services attract a fee as published in our price list. 

  • We operate a Telemedicine practice and don't offer face-to-face appointments. 

Any Questions?

We are not the NHS and are happy to stay in touch and answer any questions you might have about our practice.