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Hugest gratitude to you!

I have been on my prescription for two weeks today.  Although I wouldn’t say I’m 100per cent better, the changes I have seen so far are remarkable.  I am sleeping better, my energy doesn’t run out after a simple shower.  In fact I’ve not had an afternoon slump/sleep for 10 days and it was years ago since I had a stretch like that!  I wake up in the mornings ready to start the day instead of being met with depleted energy and despair and low mood that accompanied feeling so exhausted.  Now I wake up ‘normal’ knowing I can make plans and be able to keep them!  Early days of course but the carpal tunnel has eased up massively and the most amazing thing is I started a diet of only fruit and veg a week before getting my medication and I didn’t loose any weight even with a dramatic change in diet (as normal) then the first week on the medication I lost 2lbs and this week I’ve lost another 2lbs so far! This is unheard of for me!  Of course I’m following the eating plan you sent now, yet when I’ve dieted before I’ve seen a maximum of 1-2lb loss a month.

I’m so encouraged and although I’m not 100per cent better the difference is utterly remarkable, whether it’s the diet or the medication or the supplements or the combination of them all, I am feeling so much more like me!

Thank you all so so so so much, I’m at a loss of words as your expertise and willingness to try me on this prescription has, so far, truly given me my life back!

Hugest gratitude to you!