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Very grateful for your expert support.

I am really pleased to report zero negative side effects from Armour but many positive effects. I am experiencing far less of all my thyroid-related symptoms and am really starting to feel able to live my life like everyone else (with energy, joy and not in pain).
My ability to be awake in the daytime, to sleep better at night, to exercise a little more easily and to suffer less pain is so much better. My throat/neck pain is substantially better and I am now getting much smaller flares(what I call Hashimoto flare-ups) which comprise neck/throat ache, eye pain and double vision, exhaustion, depression, night sweats, joint pain, bowel upset)These used to happen every week lasting most of the week but are now every few weeks or more and much less intensity of symptoms passing within 2 days. My eyes are so much better I forget sometimes to use my celluvisc eye drops and also I have many more days of normal vision as the double vision has reduced and cleared substantially (but interestingly does return with a Hashimoto flare). Reducing my double vision is quite life-changing really..having been discharged from Bournemouth Eye hospital in Spring last year (investigating my double vision and orbit pain)The medical diagnosis was just dry eye yet I was unable to read easily and at 45 this was rather devastating but I have since found there is a connection in my thyroid flares and my double vision even though the eye consultant I saw at RBH last year told me I did not have a thyroid eye condition (as my CT was normal and my eyes were measured to be normal in my orbits. )

Being able to swallow without pain is such a relief and only returns in a Hashimoto flare (was a full-time symptom and would radiate pain to my shoulder and arm too).

I continue to take the recommended supplements from my thyroid report and maintain an AIP/ paleo diet.

As I improve I look forward to more changes and realise quite how deeply chronically unwell I had become over many years. I have hope again!

Very grateful for your expert support.