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Testing Instructions

Please follow these instructions to ensure reliable blood results:

Don’t take Multiguard ADR or any other Multiguard, Strong Start MVMPregnancy Multi EssentialsSilica completeMethyl B complex  or another supplement containing BIOTIN (Vitamin B7) for 7 days before the blood test, as this can alter results
Leave at least 10-12 hours between your last thyroid medication and the blood test
Arrange a FASTING early morning blood test
The blood test should contain at least TSH, FT4 and FT3
Take your morning medication straight after the blood test
Once you have received your results, please send them to us straight away together with your order of a corresponding follow-up Thyroid Report to analyse them for you

Complete Thyroid Panel

In order to make the correct diagnosis, we need a full thyroid profile including TSH, FT4, FT3 and antibodies.

Please note that we will not accept results from Inuvi Diagnostics (previously known as PURA diagnostics) or Genova Diagnostics

There is a variety of providers for finger-prick test, e.g. Monitor My Health, run by the NHS team at Exeter Clinical Laboratory, based within the Royal Devon and Exeter Hospital, our our new partner TDL (The Doctors Laboratory)

  • We only accept results up to 2 months old for our thyroid reports. 
  • Please send us the results as soon as they become available together with your thyroid report order. 
  • If you use the TDL (The Doctors Laboratory), you don't need to send us the results as will get them directly from the laboratory. 

How to get an accurate blood sample

  •  Wash your hands with WARM water and dry them
  • Prick your finger on the SIDE of your finger : less painful and closer to the blood vessel!
  • Hold your finger down and massage it gently to get the blood flowing
  • Using the provided lancets can be a bit tricky. We recommend using the Accu-Chek FastClix Finger Pricked Lancing Device.

Our new partner: The Doctors Laboratory - TDL

We have teamed up with the TDL to offer our patients self-collecting finger prick tests from a trusted laboratory, using their TDL Tiny range

The TDL TinyTM capillary blood collection kits are designed to collect samples from skin puncture using lancets. You receive a sample kit from TDL, collect your sample at home and return it to TDL for testing using Royal Mail Tracked 24 postal service. Results are returned directly to CountryHealth.

All TDL Self-Collect samples are sent to TDL laboratories who undertake the required testing.

TDL kits are manufactured using high quality components and assembled within the UK, specifically using a quality system for medical device manufacture (ISO13485:2016).

Thyroid function



A useful test if you know your antibody levels are optimal

  • TSH
  • FT4
  • FT3
Thyroid function + Antibodies



A complete test of your thyroid function

  • TSH
  • FT4
  • FT3
  • TPO Antibodies
  • TG Antibodies