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Thyroid Function Index

A high Thyroid Index indicates that there is dysfunction in your thyroid and there is a need for further assessment and treatment.

There is a strong likelihood that there’s significant distress in the systems that help regulate the thyroid gland in the body. This may be caused by increased levels of stress, adrenal insufficiency, iodine and/or selenium deficiency, liver dysfunction, kidney insufficiency, a low calorie diet etc.

The index can be elevated for:

  • a hyperactive thyroid (hyperthyroid) or
  • a hypothyroid situation:
    • primary hypothyroidism (a dysfunction in the thyroid itself),
    • secondary hypothyroidism (dysfunction in the anterior pituitary),
    • or low T3 syndrome (T4 under conversion).

You will have received a separate Thyroid Health report which addresses the necessary steps.