Time to Take Your Thyroid Health
to the Next Level?

Ann Kirby


Talking to Dr. Frey and discovering that at last I had found a doctor who understood my problem was like a Miracle.
It is not an exaggeration to say that, after months of getting nowhere with the medical profession in Dorset, I at last found my salvation in the CountryHealth Practice and heartily wish that conventional medicine would listen to the experts who have made an in -depth study of thyroid problems.

Thyroid Plan - Online course

We have hundreds of patients in our private thyroid health clinic who are looking for a personal, holistic treatment which helps them to Get Well and Stay Well again.

It is paramount that YOU become an expert of your own health. The more you know, the better you understand, the better treatment you get and the better your chances to get Energy back into your life.

We cannot see everyone in our private practice and would like to help as many as possible. This is why we have created this course. It shall help you to achieve just that: To become knowledgeable about the organ that affects so many aspects of your life – Your Thyroid.

We have broken this topic down into many manageable lessons and quizzes. You can study at your own pace. All information is researched and referenced – in case you want to dive even deeper into a specific topic.

What You should Do NOW

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What Happens in the next weeks

We will be working hard to complete the 50+ lessons of the Thyroid Plan. They include videos, text, quizzes and plenty of references for further reading. 

What Happens when the Course is Ready

Once we have the course ready, you will receive an email with the sign-up link. 

About Dr Frey

Dr Frey has dedicated his life to helping people take control of their health.

Over 30 years of studying and practice in a variety of fields in medicine in Germany, England, Estonia and Switzerland give Dr Frey a fair bit of experience.

He is founder of CountryHealth which offers Thyroid Health telemedicine services to patients in all parts of the UK and as far as Jordan and Sudan.

Best Thyroid Health Clinic 2019 - UK

CountryHealth is proud to have been awarded for our hard work looking after several hundred thyroid patients. We are rated by the CQC as GOOD in all areas. 


I went to see Dr. Frey with several undiagnosed problems, these were primarily issues regarding my digestion and fatigue. Following Dr Frey’s advice, I eliminated gluten and dairy products from my diet and I noticed an improvement in my overall health. I was really pleased with the service I received as it was caring, detailed and had a refreshing outlook on health compared to other doctors I had previously seen.

Elizabeth N

I followed all the advice given and also changed my supplements to those advised. For two weeks I had flu-like symptoms and felt very down, but, as I was desperate to change my low thyroid symptoms, I stuck with it. After three weeks I felt so much better;


Having someone medically trained to work with and point me in the right direction has been a huge relief as finally, I feel that the cause of my health issues are being looked at not just the symptoms being medicated.

What Are You Waiting For? Let’s Improve Your THYROID HEALTH!