"I have started to recover. I have lost over one stone in weight. I have no aches and pains. I feel well and have more energy. Even my eyebrows have started to grow back. It is really amazing to be honest. I have my life back."

K.D. 54y 




I feel like a New Woman

"I was particularly impressed by the trouble that Dr Frey went to in order to check possible interactions with the extensive number of drugs that I am currently taking due to another medical issue. His detailed report did highlight a possible connection between one of the “new” drugs which could explain why I have not been feeling so well. I am now following his recommendation to increase the Armour Thyroid and I feel a new woman. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Frey’s thoroughness and his skill at looking at the whole picture."

Survey Monkey Testimonial

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Thank you for seeing me yesterday afternoon. I found it very insightful and your observations have confirmed something I had been wondering about for some time.


Dena is amazing.

The heart of any good practise lies in the person with whom patients have their first and often the most contact – Dena is the most incredible person, she always goes above and beyond to help and has done her utmost on numerous occasions to sort things out for me when pharmacies have made life difficult! She is always calm, understanding and is quite simply an amazing asset to CountryHealth – reassuring and efficient, she is a complete joy. Thank you so much Dena for all your help and support – you are a superstar.



Been taking NDT since 5 May, apart from an occasional headache or sweating, all my symptoms have disappeared. I’m sleeping a solid seven hours a night, have energy back, no throat pain,  and most importantly feel human again. That’s 55 symptoms- gone x I am taking the three musketeers, and am mostly dairy and gluten-free. Weight is static, 7 lbs under my topmost weight, stone over the lowest (since September).

Thank you thank you, and thanks to the pigs!

FB, 50y

Lucky to have found you

Both you (Dena) and Dr Frey have been very good and I feel lucky to have found you. At last, I feel my condition is getting under control and I don’t worry about it as much knowing I am getting proper medical help. I have already recommended Dr Frey a lot by word of mouth.


I have a brain again!

Thank you for enabling me to improve so many of my results on ERFA over the last three months. I am feeling like I have a brain again, my legendary organisational skills have returned, my memory has improved, I have more focus and energy and my balance issues seem to have gone. Thank you very much for making this possible.


Hugest gratitude to you!

I have been on my prescription for two weeks today.  Although I wouldn’t say I’m 100per cent better, the changes I have seen so far are remarkable.  I am sleeping better, my energy doesn’t run out after a simple shower.  In fact I’ve not had an afternoon slump/sleep for 10 days and it was years ago since I had a stretch like that!  I wake up in the mornings ready to start the day instead of being met with depleted energy and despair and low mood that accompanied feeling so exhausted.  Now I wake up ‘normal’ knowing I can make plans and be able to keep them!  Early days of course but the carpal tunnel has eased up massively and the most amazing thing is I started a diet of only fruit and veg a week before getting my medication and I didn’t loose any weight even with a dramatic change in diet (as normal) then the first week on the medication I lost 2lbs and this week I’ve lost another 2lbs so far! This is unheard of for me!  Of course I’m following the eating plan you sent now, yet when I’ve dieted before I’ve seen a maximum of 1-2lb loss a month.

I’m so encouraged and although I’m not 100per cent better the difference is utterly remarkable, whether it’s the diet or the medication or the supplements or the combination of them all, I am feeling so much more like me!

Thank you all so so so so much, I’m at a loss of words as your expertise and willingness to try me on this prescription has, so far, truly given me my life back!

Hugest gratitude to you!

S.S via email

Definitely more Healthy and Alive: ImuPro 300

Great service; superb. It is important to note that IgE tests for allergies – this test, IgG, is more for intolerances. I used it as I believed it could be a useful pointer for experimenting with possibly beneficial dietary changes. I have now stopped eating dairy and some other foods, and am definitely feeling more healthy and alive. Many thanks!


Improved overall Health

I went to see Dr. Frey with several undiagnosed problems, these were primarily issues regarding my digestion and fatigue. Following Dr Frey’s advice, I eliminated gluten and dairy products from my diet and I noticed an improvement in my overall health. I was really pleased with the service I received as it was caring, detailed and had a refreshing outlook on health compared to other doctors I had previously seen.


Dr Frey is a miracle-worker!

I’m feeling really good now on the Armour, my body temperature is consistently good (36.0-37.0) I don’t get the afternoon slump and i’m waking up feeling refreshed. Plus my hair seems to be growing better than it has in so many years. And the icing on the cake is I have actually managed to lose weight on a calorie controlled diet, something that has been incredibly hard for me over the last 10 years. Dr Frey is a miracle-worker!


Hugh win!

Awesome moment of realization yesterday. I can swallow pain-free!
Before I first started treatment with Dr. Frey at Country Health end of last year I could hardly string words together (brain fog and thyroid hurt to talk) in my phone consultation and I couldn’t swallow the recommended supplements because I had raging thyroiditis and chronic untreated hypothyroidism for 20 years.
Now I can easily swallow my supplements because my Thyroiditis has calmed so much I no longer have difficulty swallowing, talking, or any thyroid pain. This is a huge win for me! Very grateful.

F.K. via Facebook


You are a lifesaver! Thanks for listening.

Mr M.C, 60y

Much better sleep

My feedback for Dr Frey after increasing my medication is I have experienced much better sleep. I don’t wake up and can’t get back to sleep like previously happened. Before the increase I only had 1 night a week with good sleep now I am getting only 1 night with bad sleep.


Treating Causes instead of Symptoms

Having someone medically trained to work with and point me in the right direction has been a huge relief as finally, I feel that the cause of my health issues are being looked at not just the symptoms being medicated.


Feeling fantastic

I am feeling fantastic what a huge difference this has been. I’m not losing any weight but feeling better is the main thing!! Thank you so much to you and Dr. Frey for everything. It feels good to feel well!!

L.S. - via email

Rapid Results

Since starting the elimination diet and now cutting out any remaining foods on the ‘do not eat’ list I’ve noticed that my body is rapidly changing shape. … I never knew it’d be so easy to get such rapid results.



I am very thankful in having found you after being on Thyroxine since 1984 and still feel awful, no matter what….
I very much look forward to being able to take my bloods for you to see and also all the foods that could be causing me grief……

Feel like a New Woman

I was particularly impressed by the trouble that Dr Frey went to in order to check possible interactions with the extensive number of drugs that I am currently taking due to another medical issue. His detailed report did highlight a possible connection between one of the “new” drugs which could explain why I have not been feeling so well. I am now following his recommendation to increase the Armour Thyroid and I feel a new woman. I am extremely grateful for Dr. Frey’s thoroughness and his skill at looking at the whole picture.

via Survey Monkey

At last I’m getting the support I need!

I was on levothyroxine for years and was suffering with symptoms of sleeplessness, no energy, low mood etc. Now that I am taking my new medication I feel so much better and it’s great to see the continuing improvements in my numbers. The team at Country Health are so approachable and helpful and it’s reassuring to know that there is always someone to answer any questions that I might have. I have been very impressed and highly recommend them.

Kim Thurston

This appointment has proved life-changing…

Following an appointment with Dr Frey in September 2018, and the results of the blood tests a couple of weeks later,
I followed all the advice given and also changed my supplements to those advised. For two weeks I had flu-like symptoms and felt very down, but, as I was desperate to change my low thyroid symptoms, I stuck with it. After three weeks I felt so much better; ‘brain fog’ lessened, gut problems (IBS) easing and generally feeling more well. I found a ‘tapping’ instructor on YouTube that I felt comfortable with and have followed this method of stress relief along with the meditation I was already doing morning and night.
It is now three months since my visit. Although the personal problems in my life persist, I am better able to cope with the stress, I sleep better and awake refreshed (something I hadn’t done for years), I can think and speak fluently and my memory has improved. And, by following a strict Paleo diet and cutting out the foods the blood test showed I had reactions to, I’ve lost 1.5 stone. I am not dieting in the conventional sense; I can eat as much as I like of the allowed foods. This has been the icing on the cake as I piled on 5 stone in the ten years since my under-active thyroid was diagnosed, despite being on levothyroxine that I had been assured would be all I needed to return to my normal self. I had tried many other diets in that time, with no weight loss.
Although I was initially anxious about the cost (hello, credit card!) I can honestly say it’s the best money I’ve ever spent as the consultation (and support from Dena) and following the plan has truly changed my life. Thank you!

Elizabeth N


I am so glad to have found Country Health, from the very first chat to being two weeks into a new care plan it has been an excellent experience! Being listened to and understood regarding my diagnosis is not something that I got from my NHS doctor but Dr Frey was brilliant at explaining clearly what my options were. I have been taking my new medication for two weeks now and I feel like a different person! Plus there is always someone there at the end of the phone or by email should I need them, patient care at its finest! Thank you so much!


Very happy with the care I receive from Country Health

After suffering with Thyroid health issues and my GP being unable to help to investigate my condition further I took matters into my own hands and began a search to find someone who could help me understand my condition as well as prescribe alternative medication that is not prescribed readily on the NHS that might help alleviate my symptoms. On searching the UK Thyroid website I came across Dr Frey’s name mentioned on numerous occasions and in turn contacted Country Health. I had an initial free telephone call with Dr Frey at a time that was convenient and he explained fully the procedure involved and made sure that the service offered by the clinic was suitable for my needs. I have made contact with Dena who is polite, efficient and very supportive you almost feel that you have known her for quite some time. The process of forwarding your blood results to ordering your repeat Thyroid report and subsequent medication is super easy to follow. The chemist receives your prescription electronically from Dr Frey and I found them also to be very helpful and extremely quick delivery. I have no hesitation in recommending others to make use of the services of Country Health for their Thyroid health needs I feel very safe and supported under their care.

Catherine Eynon

Client from Yorkshire

I am so glad I came. Thank you so much for listening to me and for being willing to help me on my health journey 🙂 I so appreciated your wisdom.

B.H. Yorkshire

First proper consultation

This was the first proper consultation I have ever had!

Mr. J.W, 80y

Thank you for creating your telemedicine practice!

I was a classic case of undiagnosed Hashimotos and was receiving the standard NHS care for under active thyroid which unfortunately wasn’t working. All the little ailments that go with the standard treatment approach were beginning to add up to bigger issues and Dr Frey has been so helpful, efficient and proactive in working to bring me back to my optimal. I can’t thank you and your team enough.


I have my life back

I have started to recover. I have lost over one stone in weight. I have no aches and pains. I feel well and have more energy. Even my eyebrows have started to grow back. It is really amazing, to be honest. I have my life back. I have changed doctors however as they were insisting that there is nothing wrong with me and that I am “self-medicating.” Very annoying. I did tell them!! I can’t thank you enough.


Nicest Doctor

You are one of the nicest doctors I ever met, it is your human skills!

P.G., 35y

Cancer found due to CountryHealth

“I did push for an ultrasound following Dr Frey’s recommendation. Although to be honest it wasn’t easy trying to persuade the NHS, but perseverance paid off and cancer detected. Without Dr Frey’s recommendation I wouldn’t have pursued it”.

E.C. age 53y

I have my life back!

I have started to recover. I have lost over one stone in weight. I have no aches and pains. I feel well and have more energy. Even my eyebrows have started to grow back. It is really amazing to be honest. I have my life back.

K.D. 54y

NDT has changed my life!

NDT has changed my life. Came off Levo early this year after 30 years of feeling cold, insomnia, fatigue, very dry skin, headaches. I’ve enjoyed this summer so much not still having to wrap up as if it’s winter! All thanks to CountryHealth.

P.A. via facebook

Excellent all round

Moving from Levothyroxine to NDT has been wonderful for my health as well as mental health. I feel so much more alert and generally well for the first time in years.

Susan King

Very grateful for your expert support.

I am really pleased to report zero negative side effects from Armour but many positive effects. I am experiencing far less of all my thyroid-related symptoms and am really starting to feel able to live my life like everyone else (with energy, joy and not in pain).
My ability to be awake in the daytime, to sleep better at night, to exercise a little more easily and to suffer less pain is so much better. My throat/neck pain is substantially better and I am now getting much smaller flares(what I call Hashimoto flare-ups) which comprise neck/throat ache, eye pain and double vision, exhaustion, depression, night sweats, joint pain, bowel upset)These used to happen every week lasting most of the week but are now every few weeks or more and much less intensity of symptoms passing within 2 days. My eyes are so much better I forget sometimes to use my celluvisc eye drops and also I have many more days of normal vision as the double vision has reduced and cleared substantially (but interestingly does return with a Hashimoto flare). Reducing my double vision is quite life-changing really..having been discharged from Bournemouth Eye hospital in Spring last year (investigating my double vision and orbit pain)The medical diagnosis was just dry eye yet I was unable to read easily and at 45 this was rather devastating but I have since found there is a connection in my thyroid flares and my double vision even though the eye consultant I saw at RBH last year told me I did not have a thyroid eye condition (as my CT was normal and my eyes were measured to be normal in my orbits. )

Being able to swallow without pain is such a relief and only returns in a Hashimoto flare (was a full-time symptom and would radiate pain to my shoulder and arm too).

I continue to take the recommended supplements from my thyroid report and maintain an AIP/ paleo diet.

As I improve I look forward to more changes and realise quite how deeply chronically unwell I had become over many years. I have hope again!

Very grateful for your expert support.

via email


From the free introductory phone call to receiving carefully targeted medication and supplements to improve my thyroid health Dr Frey and Dena have provided expert knowledge and most impressive efficiency. I am so relieved and grateful to finally have found a team who offer everything the thyroid patient needs. . Their systems are excellent and their response times and attention to detail are exemplary. I cannot recommend them highly enough.


Much improved

I have been much improved. My daytime fatigue almost gone. I also sleep a lot better but I still have a couple of nights of insomnia/bad sleep per week.


Positive Progress!

After a few months under the guidance of this practice my health has improved dramatically. Best of all my energy is back, a more positive outlook and I now have full confidence in an approach which is contemporary and investigative. If you’re still having hypothyroid symptoms and are ‘stuck’ on Levothyroxine T4, despite your numbers all ‘in range’, give this specialist clinic a go.


Above and Beyond

I am not often moved to write a testimonial unless I receive outstanding service, am blown away by somebody’s expertise and professionalism or thrilled by a particular experience. Dr Frey and Dena have ticked all the boxes and more. I could not get hold of NP Thyroid for a myriad of reasons. I was running out of my supply and didn’t know who to turn to. Thank goodness I found Dr Frey. My free 15-minute call ran over but I never felt rushed off the phone or dismissed. I instantly liked him – for his warmth, frankness, honesty and obvious expertise. I needed my thyroid report and new prescription in double quick time and CountryHealth, coupled with the amazing Smartway pharmacy, delivered with days to spare. I am so very grateful. Fingers crossed that these new meds will work for me. Either way, I feel safe in the hands of Dr Frey and his amazing assistant, Dena. Watch this space!

Sarah from Bury St Edmunds

It was like a Miracle

Talking to Dr. Frey and discovering that at last I had found a doctor who understood my problem was like a Miracle.
I loved his analogy of the oarsmen in a slave galley, paddling to the beat of a drum but not putting the oars fully into the water. Just 2 days after taking his new prescription which included some T3 I was feeling a new person. The best testimonial I can think of is backed up by the 2 photos of myself, (to follow by post) …one taken when I was feeling quite ill, and the other after only 4 days on the new prescription.
It is not an exaggeration to say that, after months of getting nowhere with the medical profession in Dorset, I at last found my salvation in the CountryHealth Practice and heartily wish that conventional medicine would listen to the experts who have made an in -depth study of thyroid problems.

Ann Kirby


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Meet the CountryHealth Team


Dena is our patient coordinator.

She used to be self-employed as a Nutritionist and Personal trainer and is experienced in health assessments. Dena holds an NVQ level 3 in fitness instruction and personal training and a DipHE in Health and Nutrition.

Dr Oliver Frey, MD

Dr Frey has dedicated his life to helping people take control of their health. He has spent over 30 years of studying and practice in a variety of fields in medicine in Germany, England, Estonia and Switzerland.

His fascination with the field of functional medicine made him specialise in Thyroid Health with patients in every UK county and as far as Jordan, Sudan and Zambia.


Shoela is regarded as a leading expert within the Naturopathic community.

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The FIRST STEP is the right testing with a full thyroid profile including TSH, FT4, FT3 and antibodies to confirm that a sluggish thyroid is contributing to a stalled metabolism and other problems. Once you know this for sure there are many ways to help correct thyroid problems.


We want to find out WHY you are feeling tired and whether there are any triggers we can remove to help you get better. In our THYROIDPRENEUR HANDBOOK we give you a fully researched strategy to address the root causes of an underactive thyroid


Your THYROID REPORT explains your blood results not only by normal but OPTIMAL levels. Our COLOUR CODED THYROID SCALE shows you how the key markers TSH, FT4 and FT3 relate to each other. Your ACTION PLAN gives detailed recommendations on what to do next, based on your symptoms, current medication and your results. This can include a change in medication or further tests. You will also get a PERSONAL SUPPLEMENT PLAN that helps to address the root causes.


In our quarterly follow-up reports we fine-tune your treatment until your results are optimal and your symptoms resolved. We will recommend ADDITIONAL FUNCTIONAL TESTS - if necessary - to dig deeper and identify hidden triggers.


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