TELEMEDICINE Thyroid Health Practice with a Functional Medicine Approach

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We are 100% TeleHealth

From September 2019 CountryHealth has been operating a 100% TeleHealth system.

Even during Covid-19 lockdowns, our patients had no disruption of our specialist services and we were able to help patients from NHS and private practices who saw themselves suddenly without specialist access .

Main Benefits of our TeleHealth practice:

  • No need to travel
    You can get timely specialty care without needing to travel, or taking time off work, saving you time and money. This is also good for our planet, saving tons of CO2 every year!
  • Specialist access wherever you are
    We can diagnose and treat you, regardless of where you are in the UK and beyond. We specialise in the diagnosis and management of underactive thyroid health - 100%.
  • We do everything in writing
    Different to other healthcare providers, we don't use the traditional consultation model where we talk for half an hour and afterwards you just remember the last 3 minutes. Instead, we provide WRITTEN THYROID REPORTS, considering your current symptoms, medication, most recent blood results and a written action plan. We aim for OPTIMAL and not just NORMAL results - you deserve this!
  • Additional Telephone or WhatsApp Consultations - on request
    The vast majority of our patients get monitored via our written thyroid reports only. Some do wish to speak to Dr Frey as well and we are happy to book 15- or 30-minute telephone or WhatsApp consultations (no video) for them.
  • FAST healthcare 
    You don't have to wait for months to consult with us. The turnaround time for our written thyroid reports is about 7-10 working days. We process prescriptions usually within 2 working days.
  • We can regularly monitor your thyroid health
    As Telehealth is more efficient, we have more resources to monitor your health regularly. We recommend follow-ups every 2-3 months until your symptoms have improved and blood results are optimised. Once this is achieved, we will keep an eye on you at least twice a year to make sure no new changes appear. 
  • No Lockdown restrictions - EVER
    We are always only a click to our website, phone call or email away from you.
  • We keep everyone SAFE
    Patients frequently pick up infections in waiting rooms of healthcare facilities (think COVID-19). As we don't have any physical contact with patients, there is absolutely NO RISK for you getting any infections from us. 

We have very few restrictions

Whilst we have patients in every part of the UK, expats living outside of the UK, and patients as far as Jordan and Turkey, we do have some limitations. 

  • Our partner chemists cannot send medication to EVERY country
  • We cannot consult with patients in the USA, unfortunately.
Switching the traditional practice model (where we saw patients in our office) to a 100% Telehealth practice has enabled CountryHealth to offer our specialist services to more patients, saving them time and money for travel expenses, speedier access, and protecting the environment