TELEMEDICINE Thyroid Health Practice with a Functional Medicine Approach

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We are keen to share our knowledge with as many people as possible and are developing webinars, which you can join at a time suitable for you.

These webinars are currently available:

TIRED of being TIRED?

Find out how our Thyroid Clinic was "born"  and how it has grown into and award-winning TeleHealth, what YOU need to do RIGHT NOW to find out what causes your tiredness and how CountryHealth can help you to get your energy and fun back. 

We recorded this webinar during the Thyroid Awareness Week 2020 in cooperation with Thyroid UK. 

The Secrets of Health, Wealth and Happiness

Find out about the Secrets of Health, Wealth and Happiness. After an introduction of Dr Frey he will discuss the importance of all jigsaw components of a healthy, wealthy and happy life, go through some Mythbusters, reveal the 2 Causes for Success, the importance to eat according to your genes and introduce his program “The Secrets of Health, Wealth and Happiness”

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