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Wellbeing with Caroline

Get Fit and have Fun with Rebounding classes

 Rebounding classes are great for:

  • boosting cardio fitness 
  • Improving lung and heart capacity 
  • improving coordination, balance and flexibility 
  • weight loss and burning calories 
  • increasing lymph flow 
  • building bone density 
  • busting stress 
  • strengthening cells 
  • building physical strength and muscular definition 
  • Injury recovery 
  • and strengthening that pelvic floor! 

It’s great fun and highly motivational! A low impact, high intensity class suitable for all ages, stages and levels of fitness.

Children from age 6 are welcome to participate with adult supervision. 

If you are desperate to get your teenager moving and off a screen, need to keep an elderly relative mobile and physically active, or need help managing your youngster’s boundless physical exuberance, this really is a great option too! 

There are so many benefits to Rebounding. Why not give it a try? Check out the two short video clips, “Sneak Peek” and “Rebounding Safely” on the Exercise Page of my website to see what’s involved.

Caroline's Offering: 

I offer holistic Performance Coaching and Personal Training, looking at the positive interplay of Body, Mind, Emotion and Spirit on, amongst others:

• Back Rehabilitation
• Safe weight loss
• Safe weight gain
• Nutritional Guidance
• Emotional Eating
• Mind-set Coaching
• Resilience Training
• Coping with Menopausal Changes
• Effective exercise through the Peri-Menopause
• School Anxiety
• Exam Anxiety
• Teenage angst and body confidence

What’s stopping you?

Starting something new is often a little intimidating, but these classes are all pre- recorded, so there’s no need to feel inhibited.