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ThyroidPreneur Handbook + Your First Extended Thyroid Report


You want to know as much as possible how to help yourself getting your energy and fun back and we provide you with fully researched and referenced knowledge to do this in over 40 pages.

Part one is our ThyroidPreneur Handbook. It is like an encyclopedia of thyroid health. You find out about root causes and what you can do to address them, including lifestyle changes, nutrition and any dealing with deficiencies.

Part two is your First Thyroid Report. It explains your blood results not only by normal but optimal levels. We plot it on our Thyroid scale which is colour coded, showing you how the key markers TSH, FT4 and FT3 relate to each other. Your action plan gives detailed recommendations on what to do next, based on your symptoms, current medication and your results. This can include a change in medication or further tests. You will also get a personal supplement plan that helps to address the root causes.

In addition to our standard report, you also get an explanation of vitamin levels tested together with detailed recommendations in your action plan, including a targeted supplement plan.

If you want to discuss your report, you can follow this up with a telephone consultation.
Whilst we do our best to get blood levels quickly close to optimal, every patient responds differently. You should have the first follow-up report 6-8 weeks after starting a new treatment plan. 
We no longer accept results from Inuvi Diagnostics or Genova Diagnostics.

Additional Information

Tests or a prescription can be ordered separately.
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Turn around time: 7-10 days